C.M.A. di Sgariglia at Agri Kiwi Expo   Olmobello, Cisterna di Latina (LT), Italy

  • 22-09-2017 ↦ 24-09-2017

The new Carraro tractors range series 3B will be present at the fourth edition of Agri Kiwi Expo, a unique event in Italy and specialized in the kiwi agricultural sector in the Latina province. The dealer C.M.A. snc di Sgariglia Maurizio e Ronconi Antonio looks forward to seeing you at: Tassinari...

Agriboggian at Portomaggiore exhibition   Portomaggiore (FE), Italy

  • 15-09-2017 ↦ 18-09-2017

Bussi Agostino at Vicoforte exhibition   Vicoforte (CN), Italy

  • 08-09-2017 ↦ 10-09-2017

T&T Company at "Festival dell'uva da tavola"   Mazzarrone, CT (Italia)

  • 07-09-2017 ↦ 10-09-2017

The Carraro Tractors authorized dealer T&T Company is looking forward to intriduce you the Carraro Agricube tractor VLB 90 and the new IIIB range.

T&T Company at agricultural exhibition   Barrafranca - Enna, Italy

  • 22-06-2017 ↦ 25-06-2017

Carraro Tractors at Enovitis 2017   Cavaion Veronese, Verona, Italy

  • 22-06-2017 ↦ 23-06-2017

Carraro Tractors will be present at 2017 edition of Enovitis in Campo, the itinerant Italian dynamic fair dedicated to viticulture technology. The event will take place in the suggestive location of Vigneti Villabella in Verona countryside (Italy). Details will follow as soon as available....

Euro Zone at AgriPlanta exhibition   Fundulea, Romania

  • 18-05-2017 ↦ 21-05-2017

Savić at Novi Sad 2017 exhibition   Serbia

  • 13-05-2017 ↦ 19-05-2017

New Tractor at Oltrevini, the famous wine festival of Casteggio   Casteggio (PV) - Italy

  • 14-05-2017 ↦ 17-05-2017

C.M.A. Snc at "Mostra Agricola CampoVerde"   Campoverde, Aprilia (LT) - Italy

  • 22-04-2017 ↦ 01-05-2017

CAMA at Fiera del 1° maggio   Cles, Trento - Italy

  • 29-04-2017 ↦ 01-05-2017

Carraro Tractors at SIAM (Meknès, Marocco))   Meknès, Marocco

  • 18-04-2017 ↦ 28-04-2017

**Carraro Tractors** will be present for the first time at SIAM (International Agriculture Exhibition of Morocco ) that will take place in Meknès from April 18th to 28th, 2017. The SIAM, now at its 12th edition, will be very interesting for Italian companies attending the exhibition as Italy has...

S&G Tractors at Fiera San Giorgio   Gravigna in Puglia (BA), Italia

  • 20-04-2017 ↦ 25-04-2017

NEW TRACTOR at Fiera dell’Angelo   Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC), Italy

  • 14-04-2017 ↦ 17-04-2017

Gatti at Agriumbria exhibition   Bastia Umbra (PG), Italy

  • 31-03-2017 ↦ 02-04-2017

CPP Team at Bjelovar exhibition   Bjelovar, Croazia

  • 31-03-2017 ↦ 02-04-2017

T&T Company at Sagra del Carciofo   Niscemi (CL) - Italy

  • 31-03-2017 ↦ 02-04-2017

RO.DA srl at "Fiera di Lonigo"   Lonigo (Vicenza) - Italy

  • 24-03-2017 ↦ 27-03-2017

OMM at "Fiera di Lanciano"   Lanciano (CH), Italy

  • 24-03-2017 ↦ 26-03-2017

SETTANNI at Mostra Bovina   Noci (BA), Italy

  • 24-03-2017 ↦ 26-03-2017

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