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Azienda Agricola Valier s.s.soc.agr.

Rovigo, RO, Italy

For over 25 years, Valier has cultivated and processed walnuts directly within the company. Machinery and specific equipment, among which the lean and efficient Carraro F100 tractor, together with the consolidated know-how, make the Company a producer of the highest quality.

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Rovigo, RO, Italy
Via Canalbianco sx 10


Carraro F100

For twenty-five years we have cultivated walnut groves, we were the first in Italy to believe in this kind of crop and, when we had to renew the machines, our choice went to the F100 Carraro Tractors.

The compact size of the F100 combined with the readiness and the strength of the engine make it particularly suitable for use in the walnut groves. Its reduced dimensions guarantee a reduced damage to the branches and consequently less fruit droplets also and above all in an advanced crop.

As soon as we bought the F100 we developed and built a protective cage all around the vehicle to make it more secure. The cage integrated perfectly with the shape and dimensions of the tractor.

The comfort of the cabin is essential in the many hours that are dedicated to the care of the walnut groves, especially in summer when temperatures are high. The F100 cab has all the features needed to work at its best: an air conditioning system that guarantees a very pleasant internal temperature, excellent visibility and, last but not the least, a very effective soundproofing. The comfort of the cab is also given by its configuration that allows people over 1.80 m tall to have more than adequate legroom and a comfortable seat guaranteed by air suspension, height and depth adjustment and lumbar support; characteristics that are not noticed in flat land but that become essential in disconnected land and after many hours of work.

From the cab you can easily control all the functions of the F100, on the right side there are the various buttons for the insertion of the driving wheels, the locking of the differential, the lighting system, the power take-off and all the various levers for operating hydraulic distributors. Buttons and levers conveniently accessible and usable.

The main features of the 4-speed manual transmission and 3 ranges are the promptness in the grafts and the reverser at hand, very easy to use.

And now we get to the heart of the F100, the engine. As the name implies, there are over 100 horses available to us and this guarantees good performance even when using tools that require considerable energy absorption. The PTO can also work in "eco" mode, thus allowing reduced consumption of the vehicle.

A particular mention goes to the steering, its wide turning radius in fact allows easy and fast maneuvers even with towed or carried vehicles, which in the case of a walnut grove are the grass cutter, the atomizer, the fan and the bar for weeding (flow with the front lifting bar).

Last but not least, tires, we decided to mount them with increased width to have a good grip and to have the weight distribution of the vehicle on a wider surface in order to avoid the formation of furrows. Furrows in a walnut groves are an important problem, to be avoided. The unevenness of the ground, in fact, during harvesting, leads to heaps of walnuts that are difficult to manage and, in case of rain, to the creation of puddles that significantly increase the risk of mold that would inevitably affect the fruit.

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— Michele Tamiello, walnut groves responsible