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HSC hydrostatic creeper

The alternative to the current CVT transmission

The innovative HSC (Hydraulic Super Creeper) system, disclosed for the first time to market during Eima 2016, was designed by Carraro with the aim of extending utilization possibilities for tractors with mechanical transmission. The module allows, in a conventional tractor with mechanical transmission, to achieve a transfer speed from zero to 300 m/h with a continuous variation.

The HSC solution allows the tractor to operate with equipment requiring very low working speeds such as: soil preparation for deep drainage excavations, milling of logs and roots after vineyard and orchard removal, grinding stones for soil remediation, pruning and harvesting.

This type of operations is currently largely carried out by large-size tractors with CVT transmissions or special tractors with CVT transmission. The adoption of the Hydraulic Super Creeper allows to enjoy the privileges described above, typical of a much more expensive CVT!

The HSC system will be available soon as aftermarket kit through the Carraro Tractors authorized dealers.


  • Functionality
    The vehicle control passes from a classic speed control of the traditional super creeper to a couple control that gives the tractor the ability to be adaptive to load conditions. The speed can be controlled continuously from 0 to 300 meters/hour and is independent from the transmission.

  • Performance & Environment
    Lower consumption and increased productivity, resulting in lower management costs and working times.

  • Ergonomics
    Thanks to the control of the speed via a joystick, the operator’s actions are facilitated as the clutch is not needed, with obvious reduction of the aggravation and driver’s fatigue.



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